Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a subscription cost?

1-49 Subscriptions Monthly = $40/each
50-999 Subscriptions Monthly = $20/each
1000+ Subscriptions Monthly = $15/each
The value of having a customized marketing piece created and mailed each month far exceeds the cost. Large/Bulk orders may be discounted, please Contact Us for more information.


How long does the Gift Subscription last?

Phoenix Home & Garden and PHOENIX magazine annual subscriptions are 12 issues (months) each.


If I don't have a logo or image to upload for the main image area, what would appear there?

You may select our provided image.


Do I supply the written content for the body of the cover sheet?

You may write your own, or you may choose from provided options for the first month’s cover sheet, after that professionally written copy will be supplied for the remaining 11 issues.


When should my client’s issue arrive each month?

New subscribers should receive their first issue 4-6 weeks after receipt of the order. Subsequent issues should arrive by the 10th day of the month. (For example, they should receive the January issue by January 10th.) If they do not receive their issue by this date, please Contact Us.


What if my contact information has changed?

You may choose from several provided options for the first month's cover sheet. Professionally written copy, specific to the content of each issue will be supplied for the remaining 11 months.


What if my client has a change of address?

Please contact us with the current full name and mailing information for the subscription and the new mailing information, so that we can update the records for that subscription.


Can the main image I upload be different for different recipients?

Yes. You have the option to upload your logo or a specific image for each Gift Subscription that you order. That image will appear on all twelve issues delivered to that specific Gift Subscription.


What if I change real estate companies?

If you change companies, log-in and upload a new real estate company logo and disclaimer (if required by your agency). Your new information will be updated on the next issue that has yet to go to the printer.


What if my clients already have a subscription?

Your Gift Subscription with your branded covers will be delivered first and your client’s existing subscription will continue after your Gift Subscription is over.


What if I am part of a team and want to supply more than one photo?

You will need to supply one image with the team members in it. If you have two team members with separate headshots that you need to combine into one image, we have a designer on staff that can do this for you for a small fee. Please Contact Us.


What type of business/individual should send branded covers?

Originally created for realtors to market via Phoenix Home & Garden magazine, we have since expanded our branded covers for use with PHOENIX magazine. With all the customize-able fields, along with our two quality magazines, we're sure you will be able to create the perfect branded cover to speak to any audience.


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